Award Season: Jungle Lasers Provides Mobile App Database for Major Software Conference

It’s nice when one of the largest software companies on the planet asks you to join the team in creating a state of the art mobile app for their very own conference where they will be hosting some of the largest software developers and partners from around the world.  [...]

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Sorry Kids, Maybe Jonas Should Have Been Called Judas!

Let’s face it, you were betrayed.  When a blizzard of biblical proportions named Jonas hit your town of Neptune Township, NJ January 23rd-24th, you probably expected that school would be closed on Monday.  Since every other neighboring town in Monmouth County closed its public schools you probably expected  a day [...]

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Major Growth in New Jersey: No Jokes, Please

There is a strange growth in New Jersey and it’s not what you’re thinking. The municipal market is on the move and Geo3.0 software growth in our home state of New Jersey is particularly noteworthy. More than just the number of towns adopting Geo3.0, the depth of adoption has really [...]

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Software Gets Better, Phones Answered, Users Stunned

What a difference a year makes.  Over a year ago, Jungle Lasers acquired the Good Done Great {g}grants and Core Grants software for Grants and Scholarship management. We met new clients, made new friends, changed skeptics into wary believers and finally believe ourselves that we can offer our new software [...]

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White House Has 35 Bathrooms

The consulting work we do for our C2 Custom Cloud clients is varied and interesting.  We get to learn about new industries and are constantly surprised about the complexities that make each company work. Class Act Tours is no exception. Class Act runs tours to various destinations with a focus [...]

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