5 Do’s and Don’t for Grantmakers

Last week we shared a post, “5 Do’s and Don’ts for Grant Seekers,” highlighting common mistakes grantees make in the fundraising process. You didn’t think we were going to let the grantmakers off easy, did you? It is important for grantees to reach out to their funders and follow proper [...]

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5 Do’s and Don’ts for Grant Seekers

Does your organization expect to hear “no”, from what seems like every application you send out? You aren’t alone. According to a 2016 article from Professional Grant Writers, an average of nine out of 10 grant proposals is rejected. It is no secret that grant seeking is a competitive market. [...]

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10 Tips to Optimize Your Grant Process

10 Tips to Optimize Your Grant Process supported by {g}grants from Jungle Lasers Strategic and efficient grantmaking is critical to the success of philanthropy. Optimal grantmaking allows grant and scholarship funds to best achieve the mission of both the grantmaker and grantee. Optimization simplifies the process, saving time and money, [...]

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Don’t Complicate; Communicate

Communication is defined as the process by which information is shared and exchanged. Today, communication comes in many forms including phone, email, social media, face-to-face, online, and the list keeps growing. When it comes to interaction between grantmakers (those who provide funding), grantees (fund recipients), and subrecipients (those who have [...]

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Set SMART Goals

Every January organizations make resolutions and set themselves up for goal-driven success, or they at least try. According to a recent article from Business Insider, 80% of resolutions set in the first week of January fail by the second week of February. No matter how determined we may be, committing [...]

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Continuing to Expand Our Services!

As this beautiful summer weather breezes around us, we are excited to welcome Freehold Township's Zoning Department as our newest client! We look forward to working side by side as we continue to offer our services to the township!

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Another City Joins The Ranks!

We are excited to welcome The Asbury Park Fire Prevention Division as a new fire safety software client! We are certain that utilizing the Jungle Lasers solutions will provide positive results. We look forward to working together!

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Exciting Announcement!

We are pleased to welcome the District of Columbia Department of Employment Services as a new {g}grants client! We know the ease-of-use of {g}grants and efficiency gains that we enable will benefit the District. Welcome!  

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We Are Hiring!

Our continued growth has us in need of another team member. We are looking to fill a part-time data entry position. Typical duties include, but are not limited to data entry, answering phones and sending and receiving emails. This position would be approximately 15-20 hours per week within our normal [...]

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Company Purchases Grants and Scholarship Software from Industry Leader Allenhurst, NJ, September 12, 2016– Early cloud software pioneer, Jungle Lasers, LLC has completed the asset-based purchase of the {g}grants software and its surrounding intellectual property from Good Done Great, Charleston, SC. The software enables foundations to administer the complex process [...]

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