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Geo3.0 Cloud-Based Application Features and Benefits



Public Works Department software includes: Service Requests, Street Opening Permit, Fleet Management, Leaf Removal, Day Sheets, Snow Removal, Catch Basin Maintenance, Adopt-a-Spot Request and much more! Learn more about our Public Works Department application suite.

The Parks & Recreation application is a module developed to manage Courses, Classes, Events and Ticket sales within a municipal recreation department. Courses include description, web images, dates & times, pricing, location, instructor and enrollment. Instructor and location information is also managed. Purchases and purchase items are managed from the administrative site as well as through a portal. Accounts and registrants are also managed through the administrative site and portal. Learn more about our Recreation Department software options.
Vital Statistics departments from all over use our software to track issuance of vital documents such as Birth Certificates and Marriage Certificates. Learn more about our Vital Statistics software.
Zoning Departments make use of our Housing Application and Code Enforcement Software. The Housing app manages both an applicant’s requesting of, and the town’s issuance of Certificates of Occupancy. Both sale of property and property rental are managed. A Landlord Registration app is included which first registers the owner, and then his properties. Critical info such as managing agents, emergency contact no’s, utility providers, etc., are kept here and can the info can be made available to other departments such as fire and police. Landlords can request C/O’s and update their info through an online portal. Learn more about our Zoning Department software.

The Code Enforcement app, often called Complaints or Zoning Complaints, manages the initial call or inquiry through to the correction or disposition of the inspection. The entire process is easily captured and this includes informal calls by staff to try to get corrections, asking a homeowner to cut his grass, for instance, to formal inspections, issuance of violations, notices of required corrections, and final disposition. It is easily modified to emulate your process. Learn more about our Code Enforcement software.

The Construction Permit Application manages the construction permit process from application through plan reviews and approvals to permitting, inspection and certificate issuance. Violation, Variation and reporting is included as well as inspection scheduling. It follows International construction code processes, modified to your state’s standards, and is further modified as desired. Learn more about our Construction Department Software.
Fire Safety software was developed for Fire Code Enforcement Officials to manage the registration and inspection process for residential and commercial properties. With this software application Officials can easily maintain and process information relating Life Hazard and Non-Life Hazard Property Registrations as well as residential Smoke / Carbon monoxide inspections. With Geo3.0’s Fire Safety software, tracking and management of inspection scheduling, Fire Permits and Certificates of Inspection are streamlined. Notices of Violations and Property Registration renewals and invoicing processes are easily automated. Learn more about our Fire Safety and Fire Protection Inspection Software!
Geo3.o’s Health Department software helps manage the issuance of Food Licenses and the periodic inspection of premises, as required. It can be modified easily to meet your needs. As with all of out Geo3.0 apps, online portals can help speed the application, review and approval process and allow for approved applicants to print his license. Because nearly all Geo3.0 apps link to the tax assessor’s parcel list, a view of the parcel info shows all licenses, permits, violations, etc. that occur for each property. Learn more about our Health Department software.

Key Benefits

Custom online forms can be accessed by the public through a secure protocol (https:) These forms, completed by the public user, flow directly into the Geo3.0 workflow process, thus reducing staff data entry.

As your staff grows and readjusts, we will be there every step of the way to keep your staff informed and educated about our product. We provide full software orientation as well as app-specific training.

Our software is designed to share information with other processes and applications. Just let us know who needs to use the data you create and we will “expose” that data for ready use by any open standards application including mapping and accounting programs and other websites.

History of Geo3.0

Back in 1988, our first software solutions centered around keeping municipal databases up-to-date.  Subscription access to Land Use ordinances and Tax Maps led to the creation of Geographic Information Systems for local government.  Our product was called National Geomatica. Once created, the GIS map was largely static but the data behind the map, the dog licenses, building permits, health licenses, DPW work orders, etc., would change hundreds of times per day.  New processes were needed to keep that data current, else the map would quickly become useless.

Geo3.0 As We Know It

Geo3.0, our third iteration of National Geomatica, expands on the idea of constant change, recognizing that the people and departments that make up government are as fast-changing as the data they generate.

The software that municipal governments use to manage the work they do needs to be easily changed, updated, and modified to fit new people, new skill levels, and new requirements.  The software also enables towns to become more client-centric (citizen centric) and opens the towns to 24/7 access by the citizenry.

The core idea of Geo3.0 is customization for each town, each department and each person in that department. This product has more than 300 individual software applications, or apps, that are used as a basis to begin customization work. Unwanted and unnecessary elements are stripped out while new elements, as required by each town, are added.   The end result is custom software, created from the wish list of each client and based on the core apps we have already developed.

Municipalities are all so different!  While each may perform the same tasks such as issuing licenses and permits, performing inspections, and managing far-flung spatial assets, each municipality needs its own customized software for optimized performance.

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