The Trust-Backed No

Recently, we discussed the importance of trust-based philanthropy on our blog. As foundations with access to a plethora of resources, we must recognize the power dynamic inherent between foundations and grantees. In order to remedy any feelings of distrust, we must base our relationships in trust. At the basis of [...]

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Language Matters in Philanthropy

Handle them carefully, for words have more power than atom bombs. –Pearl Strachan Hurd Language is a powerful weapon and tool. Like any weapon, when language is wielded without care there may be unintended results, and philanthropy is no exception. Due to the funder and nonprofit power dynamic, foundation [...]

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Funding for Pilot Programs

Grantmaking holds the promise of positively contributing to society. It is a powerful and transformational tool. But as grantmakers, we know it can often be overwhelming to think about complex social issues and challenges facing those we seek to serve. These complicated responsibilities and difficult tasks may leave some grantmakers [...]

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The Importance of Trust-Based Philanthropy

Relationships are complicated, and the relationship between funder and grantee is no exception. The funder holds a “position of power” with money and resources at its disposal. Due to its resource capacity and to ensure its ambitions are met, the funder may present itself as knowledgeable and eagerly offer advice [...]

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Diverse Boards for Better Philanthropy

Philanthropic organizations and foundations seek to solve some of today’s most challenging and complex societal issues. These challenges are multifaceted and often systemic. As we seek to solve these challenges and provide support to the communities we serve, we must think about the individuals that sit at the decision-making table. [...]

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Empower Next Gen Leaders to Create Change

As millennials move into mid-career roles and gen-z enters the workforce, foundations are encountering new opportunities to support emerging leaders and shape the future of the sector. Furthermore, there is also a record-setting transfer of wealth underway between generations. The Boston Center of Wealth and Philanthropy predicts a $59-trillion [...]

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How to Determine The Most Effecting Grantmaking Method

Choosing the best giving approach doesn't have to be a battle There are a plethora of articles and blog posts available on the many differences between ‘responsive’ and ‘strategic’ grantmaking. Many of these philanthropic experts will argue that one approach is more effective than the other, but effectiveness is often [...]

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Celebrating Women In Philanthropy

Celebrating Women In Philanthropy Supported by {g}grants from Jungle Lasers The first International Women’s Day was celebrated March 8, 1911, and in 1987, Congress declared the month of March as National Women’s History Month. These observances encourage individuals to reflect on the social, economic, cultural, and political accomplishments of women, [...]

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Supporting Grantees Beyond Funds

It is safe to assume that a grant’s purpose is to provide necessary resources to an organization in order for them to meet their objectives and create a positive impact in our communities. Some organizations will define “necessary resources” as dollar amounts, while some funders go beyond that definition and [...]

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Are You Connected?

Supported by {g}grants from Jungle Lasers There’s this skewed idea in philanthropy that once a grantmaker signs a check their job is done. If that’s your outlook as a grantmaker, I can assure you that your efforts are being outshined by other community givers, and I strongly suggest you keep [...]

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