Social Justice Philanthropy: A Positive Outlet in Troubling Times

Political, racial, religious, and social tensions seem to be at an all-time high in the United States. Fortunately, in order to channel our frustration or fear into something positive, we can donate to causes  that support our beliefs and morals. This easy action can create systemic change - alleviating the [...]

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The Next Generation of Givers

Non-profits and foundations brace for impact. The Millennial generation (those born between 1981 and 1996) and Gen Z (those born after 1996) will soon dominate the American population. According to Statista, in 2017, millennials numbered 71 million in the United States. The generation that follows the Millennial generation, Gen Z, [...]

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The Role of the Servant in Philanthropy

Have you ever watched the reality show Undercover Boss? In the show, a CEO or another high-ranking corporate executive leaves behind his or her corner office and works alongside his or her low-level employees. These CEOs hear stories of individuals who juggle multiple jobs or single parenthood. Despite these challenges, [...]

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Conducting Successful Site Visits

Written grant proposals offer grantmakers an opportunity to get to know an organization, understand their needs, and review the organization’s goals and strategies. Many grantmakers also take time for phone calls, meetings, and email correspondence to help coach proposals to success. They also discourage organizations from applying, if there is [...]

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The Head and the Heart: The Importance of Providing Qualitative and Quantitative Data to Demonstrate Impact

Data provides the proof points of our grant programs. Without data, funders are unaware if their programs create a positive impact or not. Last week, we highlighted two data sets to track - transactional data and impact data. This week, we focus on the importance of providing qualitative and quantitative [...]

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Making Data Manageable in Philanthropy

In the age of big data, it can be difficult to separate meaningful data from data that’s unnecessary or overly complicated. In order to demonstrate impact within the philanthropic sector, we may be tempted to collect multiple data sets. However, collecting data for the sake of collecting data isn’t helpful; [...]

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Supporting Grantees Beyond the Dollar

We often hear that nonprofits have limited resources; however, it is uncommon for us to acknowledge that foundations, too, have limited resources. So just as we ask nonprofits to be innovative in their strategies, we as grantmakers must do the same. Beyond writing checks, here are four ways you can [...]

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The Trust-Backed No

Recently, we discussed the importance of trust-based philanthropy on our blog. As foundations with access to a plethora of resources, we must recognize the power dynamic inherent between foundations and grantees. In order to remedy any feelings of distrust, we must base our relationships in trust. At the basis of [...]

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Language Matters in Philanthropy

Handle them carefully, for words have more power than atom bombs. –Pearl Strachan Hurd Language is a powerful weapon and tool. Like any weapon, when language is wielded without care there may be unintended results, and philanthropy is no exception. Due to the funder and nonprofit power dynamic, foundation [...]

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Funding for Pilot Programs

Grantmaking holds the promise of positively contributing to society. It is a powerful and transformational tool. But as grantmakers, we know it can often be overwhelming to think about complex social issues and challenges facing those we seek to serve. These complicated responsibilities and difficult tasks may leave some grantmakers [...]

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