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{g}grants Cloud Application Features and Benefits


Key Benefits

Your organization has many things in common with other nonprofits making grants, but it is also vastly different. Talk to us about what your organization demands from your software and we will tell you about all the opportunities available for you to customize our software into your software.

The {g}Grants software can easily be changed by you, the end user, within the software itself. Workflow changes, question changes and many other key items can be easily and quickly edited to allow you a broad range of different aesthetics and different performing capabilities for your various grant needs.

The {g}grants software is both easy and powerful and you don’t need to choose which to use. From simple one-grant foundations to large government institutions, the {g}grants software accommodates all your needs and can infinitely expand as you develop new needs.

It is easy to contact us within the software with any issue as you see something that jogs a concern, but we highly recommend that you give us a call. We can set up a meeting in a moment and see what your issue is, give quick instruction, or fix the problem ourselves. Do not hesitate, our team is eager to help!

Reports are often the end of the process, but the end is a good place to start. What do you need, information-wise, to get from the software? Once we determine this, we can set the software up to gather the necessary information for the end result that you want to see. {g}Grants has the ability to interface directly with other third-party enterprises or financial applications (QuickBooks, SAP, etc.).

Both applicants and reviewers access the site from easy to use, intuitive portals. The portals are simplified views and workflows driven by the back-office software and incorporate conditional logic and validation processes to ensure that the application is complete and accurate and applicant reviews follow procedures you establish to ensure clear objectives and scoring. Applicants and grantees speed the application process by storing re-usable information in one place and online look-ups determine submission eligibility and allow only approved organizations to apply. Reviewers get automatic notifications and tools for collaboration and communication. Offsite reviewers are provided with secure access to the grant applications and can score and comment on any application from anywhere in the world.

The {g}grants software is a cloud-based software platform that has the ability to be tailored to the specific needs of your foundation. {g}grants manages all aspects of grants and scholarships from application processes through progress reports on outcomes. This platform is used by community foundations, family foundations, as well as governments and municipalities to improve ease of use for the time consuming and complex tasks involved.

Key features of the software include:
  • Ability to transform our software into your software
  • Easily configurable by you, the end user
  • Program cycle management
  • New grant program management
  • Manage applicant portal questions
  • Reviewer scoring options
and more!


Jungle Lasers was contacted in 2014 by the developers of Good Done Great (GDG) now known as YourCause, in hopes that we would adopt their grant and scholarship software and all of their customers with it.

GDG sought out a firm that was familiar with the platform that the {g}grants software was built upon and who also had a great reputation for customer service in order to keep the current customers satisfied, and allow for a smooth transition.

To their relief, we accepted the offer and have continued to pour resources and personnel into making the software our own and expanding the capabilities of the {g}grants platform in order to fit the individual needs of our current and prospective clients.

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